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RightOnTrek - How To Stay Fueled While Hiking Or Camping

How To Stay Fueled While Hiking Or Camping | Right On Trek

Do you like to hike? We do basic hiking on easy trails but haven’t, yet, ventured into anything too strenuous. We’re learning as we go, though. We do know how important it is to keep hydrated and stayed fueled while doing so as well as carrying lightweight supplies to conserve energy. The same goes for...

Lepogo Lapalala

Lepogo Lodges: A Vacation That Can Offset Your Carbon Footprint!

Imagine a vacation that can offset your carbon footprint. One that is fully immersive, luxurious but gives back to the reserve at the same time! It’s possible with a trip to Lepogo Lodges in South Africa’s Limpopo Province, Noka Camp. All too often, we don’t give thought when we travel, about how our actions will...