Keemala: Visit The Enchanted Sustainable Thailand Wonderland

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If you’ve ever dreamed of an enchanted wonderland filled with relaxation, amazing food and beauty beyond compare, Keemala Phuket, Thailand is the place for you! I’ve only seen photos, but, this place looks and sounds phenomenal!

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Waking up to the sounds of the tropical jungle and the smell of fresh croissants. A combination that at first sounds as if it would never work together is part of the morning ritual during a stay at Keemala in Thailand. The unique resort, lovingly referred to as a villa wonderland, is difficult to explore in just one day. However, we will try anyway and thus introduce the sustainable luxury hotel in Phuket.

What Is Keemala?

Perched above Kamala Village overlooking the Andaman Sea, the villas nestle into the hills of Phuket. During construction, care was taken not to interfere with the natural contours of the landscape. The forest was also preserved as much as possible, which means that guests can now wander through the original jungle between the villas.   

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Keemala on Phuket, Thailand
keemala spa
mala spa

Sustainable Architecture inspired by Phuket 

The four different types of villas are based on four clans that once populated a fictitious old Phuket. Each of these clans brings its own values and characteristics, which are reflected in the architecture and furnishings of the villas.

Preserving Phuket’s traditions and culture is important to them, the siblings and owners of the Keemala Tarn and Note Somnam tell us, as are family values. The Somnams are a traditional family of the island who have established themselves in the local hotel and tourism industry. With it, the siblings are pursuing the goal of making tourism on Phuket more sustainable and offering guests an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

And the 38 private villas provide the perfect haven. The architecture combines natural materials, plenty of glass to bring natural light into the rooms and traditional elements that create a connection to the culture on Phuket and the mystique developed around the four clans. Plus: each villa has its own pool.

Start the Day Slowly and Consciously

Back to the smell of fresh croissants. They are made according to an original French recipe and served every morning for breakfast. Guests can either visit the Mala Restaurant or order an in-villa breakfast. This is served on traditional pintos, three- to six-tiered trays on which the elements of the breakfast are arranged. This way, you can start the day with your favorite person at your own pace and listen to the sounds of the jungle from your private terrace.


In addition to the jungle, guests can explore the garden that supplies the luxury hotel’s kitchen with fresh vegetables, seasonal fruit, herbs and mushrooms, and see the farm-to-table approach for themselves. The animals, such as the rescued water buffalo or the ducks, are always happy to receive visitors as well.

Around 60 percent of the food used in the kitchen now comes from the gardens. Most of the remaining produce comes from the surrounding region.

Keemala afternoon tea - traditional pintos, three- to six-tiered trays
afternoon tea – traditional pintos, three- to six-tiered trays

The popular afternoon tea, which can be served in your own villa on request, is no exception. The traditional flavours of Phuket are found here in the form of bite-sized morsels consisting of freshly harvested herbs, vegetables and fruit. Whether classic, vegetarian or vegan, afternoon tea can be adapted for all dietary preferences.

Active and Mindful – A Day at the Keemala

The Thai hotel’s focus is strongly on mindfulness and wellness. This is evident in the way it treats nature and its guests, along with the individual amenities that distinguish it. Guests are encouraged to take time for themselves, for example during yoga sessions or personal fitness classes. Muay Thai, a traditional Thai martial art, is also part of the wellness programme.

Tip: Get married in the Enchanted Forest

enchanted forest wedding ceremony
enchanted forest wedding ceremony

Have you ever dreamed of getting married in an enchanted forest? That would be my ideal wedding setting, for sure!

Colourful, vibrant, unique – nothing is more special than a wedding in Keemala’s Enchanted Forest. Experienced wedding planners design the dream wedding together with the guests so that no wishes remain unfulfilled on the big day and the happy couple does not have to worry about a thing. In addition to the vows (according to Western or Thai traditions), an Enchanted Forest wedding also includes a Spiritual Blessing Ceremony, which makes the intimate celebration even more beautiful and unique.

Guests are invited to wander around the “Enchanted Forest” that surrounds the Keemala. Numerous secluded retreats and hideaways are ideal for togetherness or personal, tranquil moments.

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