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RightOnTrek Meal Planner

What Is The RightOnTrek Meal Planner And How Do You Use It?

We’re considering trying our hand at some longer hikes this year. I’ve mentioned, in the past, that we typically do a few hours to a day, tops. I prefer to tent “glamp” and do small hikes each day. Either way, we need food. I LOVE RightOnTrek’s Meal kits. Their foods are full of flavor and...

Right On Trek Keto Meal Kit

RightOnTrek Keto Meal Kit: Easy Backcountry Hiking Meals

As I mentioned in my last RightOnTrek post, they now offer alternate meal alternatives like Keto and Vegetarian. Since I follow the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating, the RightOnTrek Keto meal kit is a great addition to my trail food! It allows me to have near-perfect plan options without spending a ton of time...