RightOnTrek Bechamel Style Mac-N-Cheese Trail Foods

RightOnTrek Bechamel Mac-n-Cheese

Eating on the hiking trail doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, trail food can be quite good! One of my favorites is RightOnTrek Bechamel Style Mac and Cheese. It is rich, thick and delicious! (25% discount below) What is Bechamel: Béchamel is one of the French mother sauce recipes. It’s a classic sauce base made using a white roux (butter and flour cooked together) and milk. https://sundaysuppermovement.com/bechamel-sauce-recipe/ What is the difference between a bechamel sauce and a roux? A roux is a mixture of (usually) equal quantities of flour and butter that’s used as a thickening agent in sauces. A béchamel...

Top Five Reasons To Visit Dubai

Top Five Reasons To Visit Dubai

Whether you wish to shop, feast, sightsee or feel the adventure and fun like never before, Dubai offers ample options in every category. It, therefore, is not a surprise that Dubai ranks top among the list of destinations that must be seen and experienced at least once in your lifetime. Now, if you are looking for more solid reasons to visit Dubai, this post will prove beneficial to you. 1. Iconic Landmarks Yes, there is no lack of celebrated and well-known attractions in Dubai. Wherever you turn, you will find an epic sight here. Starting from Burj Khalifa – the...

Try A One-Tank Getaway This Summer

Try These One-Tank Getaways This Summer

Gas prices have skyrocketed but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sit home all summer. If you live near any of these cities, you can enjoy a one-tank getaway. One tank of gas, a few hours and you’re on your way to some summer fun! We were lucky enough to take a week long trip 12 hours away this year. Partly because we’d already booked it a year ago, and partly because we’d saved as much money as humanly possible the last year. Rising food and gas prices made that nearly impossible, but not totally. I hope you are...

Northwest Florida – A Favorite Spot For Summertime Fun

Northwest Florida

Have you ever visited Florida? I mentioned a few posts ago that my family and I drove to St. Augustine, dipped our toes in the water, enjoyed an ice cream cone, then headed back to our vacation in Georgia. We stopped at the state line, on the way, and enjoyed some fresh orange juice as well. But, that’s it. That’s the only time I’ve spent in Florida. Clay and his parents went when he was a child but not since. So, I’d love to visit more of the state, including Northwest Florida! I’ve included maps with addresses to some of...

Wilderness Scotland – Off-Peak Travel Ideas – 2 Of 2

Wilderness Scotland

A few days ago, I told you about some fun off-peak travel adventure opportunities, around the world, with a part 2 on the way. Part 2 features Wilderness Scotland! (affiliate links may be used in this post to offset the costs of running our website. No fees will be passed to you.) I highly recommend using a guide or travel agent when planning your adventures. A trusted adventure tour operator can take the worry, complexity, and work from the trip-planning process to deliver an unforgettable vacation that will maximize every travel dollar and minute allotted during your time away. Wilderness...

BlissWood Bed And Breakfast Ranch All-Inclusive Dude Ranch Vacation Package

BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch

Y’all, I want to tell you about a new ALL-INCLUSIVE dude ranch vacation experience at BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch in Cat Spring, Texas.(I shared them with you before and have more photos on that post.) I want to go so bad! I’ve always wanted to stay on a dude ranch. I’m lazy 😂 and don’t necessarily want to work during my vacation, but relax and enjoy the scenery. A day working and learning might not be too bad though. I want to go on a wagon train too. That would be so much fun! This is not a working...

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